‘Someone Great’ is a love letter to epic female friendships

There are a handful of details that set ‘Someone Great’ apart from our average romantic comedy. To begin with, it touches on the importance of going for our dreams and choosing our ambitions – which doesn’t exactly lead to the hunky love interest chasing our lead through a crowded airport.

The Netflix Original was written and directed by Jennifer Robinson, who wanted to portray young women and their relationships in a way that felt a little more relatable and, equally important, more real.

Not Another American Rom-Com

Gina Rodriguez is Jenny, a music journalist who has chosen to take her dream job in San Francisco in spite of the toll it’ll take on her nine-year-old relationship. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with Rolling Stone brings things with her boyfriend, Nate (Lakeith Stanfield), to an end. He’s not a bad dude, he just isn’t ready to leave New York or deal with the complications of long-distance.

Nate being a decent guy with understandable reasons is important because we don’t really waste any time disliking him. It is what it is. Life works that way sometimes.

But what truly stood out to me, what got me right in the feels and even made me see some version of my twenty-nine-year-old self in the film, was Jenny’s relationship with her two best friends. That imperfect balance that exists between the very different personalities of three women who have grown up together.

Netflix’s ‘Someone Great’

I have those in my life. I’m one of those, too.

The Greatness of Friends

Blair (Brittany Snow) and Erin (DeWanda Wise) are Jenny’s two best friends from college. They’re the kind of friends that know too much. The ones who understand that in times of crisis, true crisis, everything must be dropped. The girlfriends who listen and go out drinking when they really don’t want to, no questions asked.

Your allies when singing songs of sorrow at the top of your lungs.

Maybe what truly did it for me is that, in a way, I know where that story is going. Because I know those women and have been witness to main veined tequila as the result of a bad break up. I’ve celebrated amazing job promotions and laughed about the things that felt impossible before we realized we had no idea.

I’m no expert on romance, but I know a thing or two about friendship. I know that those three characters will grow up, move away, become new people and stick to weird old vices, all while still managing to be friends. To respond in times of crisis.

I know it because that’s pretty much how it’s been for me.

No, it’s not a life-altering production, but ‘Someone Great’ was a reminder of how much more manageable the darkest of times have been with them beside me. And it’s pretty damn great when a movie can do that.