Afraid to end up alone when your friends get married?

You’re not the only one feeling the pressure, but don’t let it get to you! Read about the benefits of being single.

Until now, they all seemed to be the same: enjoying being single or the freedom that gives courtship without children. But one day, you get that first invitation, the wedding of one of your friends. Sounds fun! The first wedding of the group. “What am I going to wear?”, you think, amused by the idea of ​​finally having a chance to show off your new dress.

However, it soon begins to lose its charm. After 5 married friends and your younger sister who decided to go through the altar before you, that new invitation is received, let’s face it, with a bittersweet taste mixed with: “It makes me happy for her” and ” One more?! When will it be my turn? ”

You think you are selfish and seek consolation: how can you not be happy for the girls, who were always there when the going got tough?

But, when you start to calm down, you test out the terrain with your boyfriend: you imply that you are not getting younger and that you have been together for a thousand years … He does not read between the lines or he is too comfortable with the life as a couple not cohabiting.

You decide, then, to take your mind off so much negativity and waste your time on social media. For what?! Facebook and Instagram show your high school and college classmates dressed in white dresses. It seems on purpose … The ghost begins to haunt.

Will I end up alone?

These doubt is nothing new. In fact, many women with successful careers, close friends and loving families associate their self-esteem with having a romantic partner, explains sociologist Deborah Carr, in an article for PsychologyToday.

The good news? There are several reasons why you should not worry so much, according experts:

1. The chances are in your favor. In the US, a growing number of people are postponing marriage until they are 40 or 50, and so many others live with a romantic partner, even if they do not formalize the relationship.

2. What we want changes with age. While we cannot deny that we live in a society obsessed with appearance, towards middle age, expectations about a couple change. Thus, it is more likely to be expected to find more substance and not volatile factors, such as appearance or money.

3. Marriage does not cure everything. Although popular belief indicates that marriage improves life, it is not always the case. Many married people assure that they would not choose the same couple again if they had to make the choice a second time. Likewise, having a close friend or family member that one can trust gives the same emotional benefits as a good marriage.

The benefits of being single

If the previous arguments have not yet managed to dispel the ghost, you may be convinced by the following advantages enjoyed by single women:

● They tend to exercise more, thanks to having more time for themselves, says U.S.News. And it adds:

● Sleep more and better, than those who have a mattress companion that moves or snores with them.

● They have stronger non-romantic relationships. This is because single women are better at maintaining their ties with relatives, neighbors and friends.

● They are more autonomous. They can thus have more control over their decisions and behaviors.

So, what do you think the benefits of being single are?


Translation from the original in Spanish: Vanessa Sirias

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